Document Formatting

Document Formatting

Paragraphs not aligning? Images slipping? Bullet points and numbering out of whack? It can be tricky getting Microsoft Word documents to behave, especially if they have been converted from PDF files. If you need your document to look professional and function correctly, we can help

We format:

  • theses and dissertations
  • CVs and résumés
  • reports
  • journal submissions
  • book drafts
  • templates
  • forms
  • etc.

We can help with:

  • cover pages
  • tables of contents
  • numbered headings
  • bulleted lists and numbered lists
  • headers and footers
  • text boxes
  • tables and figures
  • captions
  • cross-references
  • reference lists
  • appendices
  • etc.

PDF to Microsoft Word Conversion

If you’ve ever tried converting a PDF document to a Word document you know that the results are not always what you expect. Converted documents often have formatting issues that mean they are difficult to work with. We can help fix the formatting of your documents so they look good and you are able to alter them as you would like.

Fillable Form PDF

Need a fillable PDF? We can turn your Microsoft Word document into a PDF form with tick boxes, drop-down menus, signature fields, and text fields so people can enter information digitally